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So after starting the feature ‘what the experts say’ I am pleased to be writing this next post as it’s great inside knowledge about the best way to look after your luscious locks!

Another fabulous supplier joins the team, The Progressive Hair Company. We are pleased to have worked with on many, many occasions and Tina who has written today’s post really does know her stuff when it comes to hair.

Tina Donovan @ The Progressive Hair Company Top Hair Tips

Let’s take a look how we can look after our hair that little bit better, take it away Tina…..

To look after your hair between salon visits, use a good professional shampoo and conditioner. Quality products mean you can use less product as they are concentrated within the bottle so adding a little water to your shampoo will go a long way. Look out for products with up filters giving you that added bit of protection whatever the weather.


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Give your hair an extra treat once a week by investing in a moisturising Masque. This will work deeper in to your cuticle giving your hair moisture and shine, just what your hair deserves. Wrap in a towel and leave for 5-10 minutes whilst soaking in the bath, a good excuse for a little me time!


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Detangling hair! This is usually when we mistreat our hair using a brush or, pulling and over and stretching the hair. SLOW down, use either a wide tooth comb or a tangle teaser, these won’t stretch and pull your locks. Section hair into 3, start combing mid length to ends first then work your way from the root to ends. This will keep tangles to a minimum, if needed use a leave in detangle spray to give you a faster tangle free hair.


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When’s best for adding product’s? I recommend to all of my customer’s to dry the hair around 60% before adding your styling foam, blow-dry creams and serums. These products can work to their full potential if the hair is damp rather than soaking wet. You will use around 40% less of products by doing this so they will last longer and your hair will have a beautiful finish.


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For the perfect sleek blow-dry, follow the tips from above on section 4. Once you have dried your hair to 60% and have added your products to help sleek your hair section in to 6 sections. This will help you control the hair whilst blow-drying, also using a nozzle on your dryer will help minimize frizz. Swapping heat from warm to cool will help set the ends smooth locking out humidity.


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We love a bit of volume! For a beautiful volumised style, dry your hair upside down till your hair is around 80% dry, don’t forget those volumising styling products, these are a must if you want to keep volume all day. Section hair, then use Velcro rollers for ease. Leave in for 30-60 minutes to allow your hair to mould in to shape. Take out, gently brush to soften any marks away from root and use a soft workable hairspray for extra hold. Avoid strong sprays that make your hair sticky and look full of product.


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The 2nd day revival. To get that beach hair look with a dishevelled wave, part hair into sections of about 1 inch and half thick, spray hair with a soft workable spray and twist hair tight and ravel in to little twisted buns that sit on your section. You can use a grip or if sleeping in them some material in strips to hold twisted buns in place. Release hair to show off a beautiful textured wave, mix serum and beach clay for hold and to separate waves if needed.


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To help maintain beautiful hair Heat defence is a must! With heated tool’s such as straighteners, curling wands and tongs these can really take their toll on our hair and make it fragile, check the temperature on your heated appliances. Make sure your Heat protecting spray covers it. The GHD protective spray is one of the best on the market for highest protection, it will help seal your hair and lock out humidity.


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Dry shampoo is perfect to keep oily roots away, Its great for getting an extra day out of your hair before needing to wash again by sprinkling in to the roots. You can also apply to roots on freshly washed hair this will give you some added volume and create a barrier against pollution and oil giving you a fresher finish on the hair that will last for longer.


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Don’t let split ends take over! This is a sign of damage so you need to get booked into the salon ASAP! If left they will creep up the hair shaft leaving you with dry hair and open to more damage. A regular trim booked in every 6-8 weeks will keep your hair in beautiful shape and looking its best.


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Speak to the professional’s, book in for a free consultation to get good advice and more top tips on all your hair needs.

Great advice Tina, check out The Progressive Hair Company and keep on checking in for more great advice from a girl who knows her stuff!

http://www.tphair.co.uk – Tina Donovan

Lots of love Nic x

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