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Friday Friends :) Shearsby Bath, idyllic Leicestershire wedding venue.

With our first Friday Friend feature under our belt it’s only right to carry on with the new tradition of showcasing some of our wonderful wedding friends. As you know I decided to make this a weekly feature, it’s a fun way of getting to know my friends and suppliers that I can highly recommend, as they are some of the best in Leicestershire.

My next friday friend to introduce is a beautiful wedding venue that is so well-known in Leicester that it probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Today’s post on Friday Friends is the beautiful wedding venue and it’s lovely wedding and events manager, Rachel!….


One of my fondest, first memories about the wedding industry and people I have managed to meet along the way, was when I met Rachel at Shearsby Bath. After launching Eve Lily I decided I really needed to have some sort of launch/showcase so people got to hear about all about us. After an initial contact phone call i went on my merry way to Shearsby to see if I could host it there, as most people know, planning an event of any kind is a big deal. I was in the hands of a venue I didn’t know and so wasn’t sure if they would allow me the scope to make it a launch I wanted.


Photography by SMD Photography

Well, that’s was of course until I met Rachel and the Shearsby Bath team.


We since went on to host our annual wedding show each year at the venue. The Eve Lily Wedding Show is always a fun event for both guest and suppliers and we are so lucky to have some of Leicestershire’s best wedding suppliers on involved.

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