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Seeing as I am so lucky to know some of the best suppliers in the area I have decided to ask them inside information on their specialised area of the wedding industry so you can be in the know too!

Kicking us off is someone who will also be a regular feature on the blog, giving all of us beauty conscious people some of the best beauty and make up advice is Beth from Bettie Lottie. Beth is a great edition to our wedding shows and catwalks, with 10 years experience she really knows her stuff.

I don’t know about you but I struggle to make time to do the essentials when it comes to beauty treatments so this may just give me the kick start needed. I mean, I’ve only got one skin and all that!

Bettie Lottie’s Top Beauty Tips

Looking after yourself from the outside is just as important as the inside” Bettie Lottie. Take it away Beth….

Even though the skies are becoming grey the sunlight can still damage your skin. Use a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF factor so you are always protected.


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Always remove your make up properly (even after a night on the tiles) and use a night cream. These help to replenish and restore the skin.


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Look after your feet. These are vital and we need them for dancing! Regular pedicures help with day to day aliments like hard skin but with anything untoward, go and see a chiropodist as it’ll only get worse.


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Drink plenty of water. Most skins are dehydrated as we generally do not drink enough but having that extra glass of water before bed leaves your skin lovely and plump.


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Don’t forget your hands and neck. Even with a face lift these are the areas that can give away your age (why do you think Madonna wears gloves)! Use an anti-aging hand cream and if you cannot afford a separate neck and décolletage cream make sure you use your facial moisturiser on these areas.


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Get your eyebrows groomed properly. Your eyebrows can age and change your face shape. Having them measured out correctly and shading them back in where they’ve been over plucked (we’ve all done it) will really frame your face. If you are unsure get advice from the professionals.


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Have regular facials. I recommend every 4-6 weeks but if this is unattainable then as the seasons change. Your skin can always do with a boost plus your skin care regime should be reviewed with the alteration in weather and environment.


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Take time out and have a massage. In the busy world we live in stress is very apparent and shows on our faces! So take time for yourself, relax, unwind and recharge.


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I’m sure we all know it but I will still say it, smoking and UV damage are the biggest attributes to age our skin so put out the cigarettes and lay off the sun beds. There are so many good fake tans there really is no excuse.


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Prevention is the best cure, so if you are not doing any of the above then start. You’ll appreciate it in the future when all your friends ask what your secret is.

Great advice Beth, check out Bettie Lottie and keep on checking in for more great advice from a girl who knows her stuff!

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Lots of love Nic x

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