Friday Friends :) Shearsby Bath, idyllic Leicestershire wedding venue.

With our first Friday Friend feature under our belt it’s only right to carry on with the new tradition of showcasing some of our wonderful wedding friends. As you know I decided to make this a weekly feature, it’s a fun way of getting to know my friends and suppliers that I can highly recommend, as they are some of the best in Leicestershire.

My next friday friend to introduce is a beautiful wedding venue that is so well-known in Leicester that it probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Today’s post on Friday Friends is the beautiful wedding venue and it’s lovely wedding and events manager, Rachel!….


One of my fondest, first memories about the wedding industry and people I have managed to meet along the way, was when I met Rachel at Shearsby Bath. After launching Eve Lily I decided I really needed to have some sort of launch/showcase so people got to hear about all about us. After an initial contact phone call i went on my merry way to Shearsby to see if I could host it there, as most people know, planning an event of any kind is a big deal. I was in the hands of a venue I didn’t know and so wasn’t sure if they would allow me the scope to make it a launch I wanted.


Photography by SMD Photography

Well, that’s was of course until I met Rachel and the Shearsby Bath team.


We since went on to host our annual wedding show each year at the venue. The Eve Lily Wedding Show is always a fun event for both guest and suppliers and we are so lucky to have some of Leicestershire’s best wedding suppliers on involved.

700-7352  700-7602


Here’s some photo booth fun at our one of our previous wedding shows! A must see. Slide show courtesy of SMD Photography and music by the fab Paul Martyn.

Brides (and some grooms) You may want to have a listen to the wonderful Mango Acoustic whilst watching our beautiful models strut on the catwalk. Slide show courtesy of SMD Photography.

We are so very pleased to announce that we are due to hold our wedding show again this year on Thursday 25th April 2013, this is going to be another great event. With it being an evening show it is sure to have some exciting elements for you to all enjoy. Please email me to register your interest for attendance.

Then without much persuading, we styled our first photo shoot in the beautiful grounds, many of those pictures are featured in their wedding brochure.



Shearsby is set in the middle of the countryside and the views are just so pretty. The venue is a must see and is flexile in how it can be used, making it a great place to get married. We have had many client weddings at the venue, which is great to work alongside a lovely team!



Photography by SMD Photography

Rachel has such a great approach to anything wedding related and was on board straight away and excited about what I was looking to do, which couldnt of made me happier, as it gave me the chance to start the way I wanted to carry on. Being a young and lovely character, Rachel is very passionate about weddings and all things related. You can be sure that the enthusiasm flows through for each and every wedding to make sure that every client has the wedding they want.

So in asking Rachel to answer some of our Friday Friend questions it means we can all get to know her and Shearsby just that bit better! Over to Rachel….. <3

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Unique, family run venue, extremely passionate about what we do.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Shearsby Bath? Meeting so many fantastic people, helping them put their thoughts and ideas together to make their perfect day, then sharing it with them. Seeing people smile when they see everything come together after months of planning is definitely a highlight of the job!

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following?

– Type of venue. Somewhere that was set in the middle of the countryside with landscaped grounds for great photographs and a building with a good mix of contemporary and rustic features, with maybe a grand marquee…..oh wait- I think I know the perfect place!

– Colour scheme and theme or style. Simple and elegant, ivory colour and lace touches with maybe just a pop of another colour.

– Styling for bride and groom. Something to show the bride and grooms personalities is always good. At the moment I love the look of stone  grey or dark blue tailored suits with a skinny tie and crisp white shirt for the groom. For the bride I currently really like a 1920’s style dress with maybe a jewelled headpiece. My choices often change every time we have a wedding and I see the gorgeous outfits the couples have selected!

– Entertainment. Great DJ and a good band of choice if budget allows it. If it was my wedding, I’d go for a swing band!

– Special touches. Just little things to make it personal to the couple. Photos, personalised stationery etc, etc.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Suppliers. Look around for perfect suppliers, be it your venue, caterer, photographer,florist or entertainer there are so many great suppliers that can make your ideas a reality. Whilst price and sticking within your budget is a massive factor to consider when booking everything that makes up your wedding day, it is not always the case that the cheapest option is the best option. Do your homework and find suppliers that are on your wave length and understand what you want to achieve for your day, and always read a few testimonials to ensure from past couples that the company says what it does on the tin!

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Two bits of advice really.

1)  It’s your day and it should be unique and personal to you both, try to keep that in mind during the planning process. When your neighbours sisters best friend doesn’t think you should go for that type of floral arrangement because she doesn’t like Hydrangea’s, remember that you love hydrangea’s and that’s why you picked the arrangement in the first place!

2) If there is an opportunity for you to be alone together for 5 minutes on your wedding day, take it. Time alone is such a rarity on your wedding day and I always think its nice for couples to just take a couple of minutes for themselves and let that happy married feeling start to sink in 🙂 

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Shearsby Bath and why? The most memorable client request would probably be the entire wedding that I first worked on six years ago, because it was my first of many at Shearsby Bath.

Church Wedding or Civil Service? That would have to be a civil service – we have a beautiful room at Shearsby Bath where our civil ceremonies are conducted. It’s got gorgeous old oak beams and we fill it with candles to make it extremely romantic and a perfect setting for a civil ceremony.

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? Best: would have to be getting everyone together that you know and love and letting them share in such a special moment. It can be a very rare moment in time when all your friends and family are under one roof, so relish the moment! Worst: When the day comes to an end! 

What do you LOVE in life? Theatre, good food and wine, but most importantly i love spending time with my fantastic family and friends and my gorgeous cocker spaniel Bailey.

One sentence to describe Shearsby Bath and what you do…..  Shearsby Bath – The perfect venue for your special occasion.

Another fantastic Friday Friend will be unveiled next week so pop back and have a read!

Lots of friendly love

Nicola  🙂 x

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