Eve Lily – Mother and daughter Breakfast at Tiffany’s photoshoot

So the sun is shining, it’s Friday and looks like we are set for a lovely weekend of weather which is great as it just so happens that its my birthday on Monday. I’m excited to have a girlie weekend away in the sun in a rare weekend off.


All images by Sarah Salotti Photography

I do love what I do and the reason I do it, so thought it was about time that I shared something very special (well it is for me anyway!) I have a lot of friends in this industry and we all know how hard it can be at times, there is someone very special to me that keeps me going and makes me smile even more when they tell me how much they love something I have made, or styled, that would be Eve, well actually Eve Lily.




At the start of the year I decided to do a photo shoot of me and my daughter in a little tongue in cheek Audrey style. This was supposed to be a 30 minute mini shoot, so I could involve Eve in what I do and show what Eve Lily is all about at the same time. This didn’t quite pan out as Eve as always just got into the spirit of things and took over, with a little encouragement from Sarah and so the timings went to pot. It was such a fun shoot and we really did get in the spirit of it all.



The shoot was held at the stunning City Rooms in Leicester and we had a team to help, Beth from Bettie Lottie Make Up and Tina from The Progressive Hair Company on hand to do hair and make up with the fantastic Sarah Salotti Photography to photograph, with gorgeous cakes supplied by the lovely Melody Cakes. After styling our table and dressing up as Audrey and mini Audrey we got down to it.






I hope you liked it and can see just how much we love what we do.

Nicola and Eve Lily xx

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