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A Grey Affair

Forget 50 shades of grey, soft grey is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to wedding colours. It’s not a choice that many people may make, however when used alongside other stunning colour tones such as dusky pink, berry tones, peach twists or simple nudes it can shout out, ‘stunning alternative’ to typical wedding colour schemes.

If you want a base colour, a stylish base colour that pops out using a sophisticated look, then look no further. I mean, look at this suit for starters.


Grey can be used for a frosty winter style using colours and textures, such as the ones used in the bouquet below. For a more striking look you can use brighter tones and textures. It really is an all-rounder.



This dress is something that I can only really say WOW to. The colour, tone and intricate detail really are a one off, WOW!


When using this colour I always think it’s best to use it as a main colour, for example, this table setting has the grey overlay/table cloth as it’s base colour with small grey accents being used throughout. The main colour pop is being demonstrated through the flowers, using tones of your chosen colour will add class and style as well as colour interest.




Grey can be used as the main colour to allow the colour to flow, see the beautiful chair décor and wedding cake below, perfect examples of how to use the colour to frame your lovely flower displays.


Just look at this stunning cake made by one of our wonderful friends. Nat from yummy little cakes really has shown how to use grey when making beautiful wedding cakes.



So if you are looking for an alternative to black, then grey really is your colour. Check out our pinterest board to see some more stylish options when using grey.

For more inspiration and moods, then keep coming back to see what our next ‘Today’s Mood’ is going to be and whether it’s up your street for your wedding style!

Thanks for reading.

Nicola x



All That Glitter’s

Today I am writing my first post for Today’s Mood, these post’s are all about inspiration. When starting to plan your wedding it can be quite confusing as there is just so much choice and in some cases, almost too much! So the trick is to structure your theme or colour palette, that way you have a fine balance with the overall finished look, too much and it’s going over board and not enough and you don’t fulfil your style ideas.

So happy reading and if you want me to blog about any particular style or look in the future then just leave a comment below and we will try and feature it. <3

On a Monday afternoon there is nothing like a bit of shine to help with the start of the week, so here is my first blog post for Today’s Mood. I myself am a little inspired with this theme because of a friend who really does love a bit of glitter and it makes me want to put together a styled shoot using this theme, so you never know, there may just be more glitter again sometime soon. Via Bridal Musings

Carla Ten Eych Via Bridal Musings

Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses are absolutely aloud glitter and sparkle, in the right amount it is so stylish, too much and it’s disco diva!




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