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Today I am writing my first post for Today’s Mood, these post’s are all about inspiration. When starting to plan your wedding it can be quite confusing as there is just so much choice and in some cases, almost too much! So the trick is to structure your theme or colour palette, that way you have a fine balance with the overall finished look, too much and it’s going over board and not enough and you don’t fulfil your style ideas.

So happy reading and if you want me to blog about any particular style or look in the future then just leave a comment below and we will try and feature it. <3

On a Monday afternoon there is nothing like a bit of shine to help with the start of the week, so here is my first blog post for Today’s Mood. I myself am a little inspired with this theme because of a friend who really does love a bit of glitter and it makes me want to put together a styled shoot using this theme, so you never know, there may just be more glitter again sometime soon. Via Bridal Musings

Carla Ten Eych Via Bridal Musings

Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses are absolutely aloud glitter and sparkle, in the right amount it is so stylish, too much and it’s disco diva!




Venue styling and finishing touches really is where this works so well, the venue has to be able to take this look, so a textured base would be the best. Stone and bare walls really allows this dramatic and pretty look come to life.

I love, love, love the sequin table cloths, these aren’t essential but give the base WOW factor, you can add less sparkle when you have these.


If you prefer to work the other way around then use a base colour for your linen and add sparkle using the floral containers, table ware, glass ware and finishing touches to make everything come to life.

Using a base matt colour such as gold or blush then add the same colour in sparkle you are adding textures as well, this makes the glitter pop out in a more delicate way than it would if it was just glitter on white cloth for example.




St Regis Hawaii Destination Wedding

Don’t forget about yourselves as well, how beautiful is this pretty glitter eye and super cute nails. To be able to wear sparkle on you wedding day isn’t for everyone, but you girls who do, enjoy the glitter! You must check out some gold leaf, we love it over at Eve Lily.



For more inspiration on glitter inspired weddings then take a peek at our pinterest board, link below.


Enjoy the sparkle ladies, it really is one of our favouites!! If you are planning your wedding and need inspiration or any of our wedding related services then please do get in touch, 2014 is already busy with bookings.

Thanks for reading. Nicola x





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